Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The girl is one.

It is still hard to believe that she is already one. She has changed so so much in 365 days, it is amazing. Even just one month brings many changes. It is a bittersweet thing to see her growing up so much. I am sure I will say that again next year on her birthday when my little baby becomes a toddler and then a preschooler. This year went so fast, even if the minutes sometimes seemed to drag on. But instead of focusing on how quickly time flies, I am trying to soak up every moment with her and capture all the little things she does. I was watching some video footage of Madelyn I had taken this past year and it was fun to be reminded of all the little things she loved to do. Just a warning, the following list is super long, but I don't want to forget any of the things she did that make her who she is...  
So here are a few things that she used to do/still does: spash in the bathtub like crazy with her legs (now she does it sitting up with her arms), twist her tongue around in her mouth, copy anyone who said "aaah" while gradually getting louder and louder, cling to Taylor for dear life (she wouldn't even let me hold her when he was around), the way she snuggles up to pinky bear and lays down on her blankie when she is so happy to it, how she is obsessed with the book "Percival the plain little caterpillar" and wants me to read it over and over every night so she can crinkle the shiny paper inside, how she pretends to shake and say "brrrr" when she gets out of the bathtub, her love of phones and the way she puts them up to her ear (which is actually more like the back of her head, and then she usually drops it behind her or tries to hand it to you to talk on), how she will concentrate on one thing until she figures it out, the way she is content to sit and watch other kids play instead of playing herself, how she loves to hold the container of puffs and cherrios and shove handfuls in her mouth, how she thinks signing "please" will get her anything she wants, how she always wants what we were eating (even if it's the same thing she has on her plate), when she thought she didn't like the babyfood I gave her and half the time all it took was grabbing a metal spoon and taking a bite myself that made her think it was the best food in the world to eat, how she gets excited to be layed down in bed most days to sleep, when she drops something she tries to say "uh-oh" but instead says "uh, uh, uh, uh" over and over again and looks at me with big eyes until I pick it up for her :), the way she will sit in her carseat in the car and look at books, how she used to twist her neck around and stare up at me in the car when I was driving and would get so excited if I looked back at her, and how she now sits almost sideways in her carseat looking up at us most of the car ride, how we were riding in the car a week ago with the windows down and she was sitting sideways looking up at us and she felt the wind in her face so she closed her eyes and smiled enjoying the new sensation for a while, the way she loves to dance to music (and bounces up and down when you ask her to "dance"), how she always says "whoo whoo" when she sees a puppy dog, how she used to love to kick her legs and we could hold her up in the air and she would go crazy with joy just kicking the air, how the first week she learned to clap (8 months) she would throw down whatever she was doing at that moment because nothing was as important as clapping, how she loves to go grocery shopping and sit in the seat in the cart, and how she used to try to sneak in a quick suck on the nasty metal bar whenever I turned to put something in the cart, how she used to scream (out of joy) whenever we went shopping at the store and she would do it the entire trip, the way she can eat and eat and always want more, how she can find the tiniest crumbs on the floor (which she either eats or insits that I have), the way she holds out her arm and acts like she is stretching it as far as it can possibly go when she is trying to give me something (which is most of the time accompanied by her entire body being tightened as if that will help and some funny grunts as if she is trying as hard as she can), her scrunchy face that she would do all the time because we thought is was funny (and how most of the time she would tighten her entire body and hold her breath til her face got red while she was doing it), how she always disliked being on her tummy and she began crawling a little before 11 months (though we were certain it would never happen!), the way she does a little shriek and laughs and turns away and tries to crawl faster than she can when you act like you are going to chase her, the way she looks at me with big eyes and watches my reaction when she knows she is doing/about to do something she knows she is not supposed to, how she loves to go hiking and sometimes sings songs (more like blabbering baby words but it sounds like singing) for a good part of the hike, how she loves the pool and when she is in her floatie she lays back and relaxes and dips her hand in the water and sucks her fingers and repeats over and over again to taste the water, the rare times she will put her head down on my shoulder for a second, and the sweet kisses she gives us and a lot of times her blankie or favorite stuffed animals.
Whew that was long! But I just kept thinking of things to add that I always want to remember ( I am sure I will think of a few more as soon as post this too). And of course no post is complete without pictures so here is the birthday girl on her big day. We love you miss Madelyn you are a sweet little girl!

We started out the day by opening a present of course! We saved most of them for her to open at her party but couldn't resist the temptation to open just one. (Sorry these ones are dark, I didn't feel like editing them at all)

Thank you Ann, it is such a cute outfit!

After Taylor went to work and the girl had her nap, we played outside a little.

She loves these little pots and pans! I showed her how to stir and this is her trying to do it too :)

She was so serious trying to figure out how to put the lid on.

She loves to try to grab the camera.

And this is what she did when i wouldn't give it to her. So I thought it was time I put it away for a while.

But then we went to feed the ducks at the park so I had to snap a few more.

Notice her mouth is actually stuffed full of bread. She thought it was more fun to eat it than throw it to the birds.

And since Taylor couldn't get the day off. Madelyn and I made dinner and had a family meal in the back office at his work. This is the only way to contain the mess when she is not in her highchair :)

And more of this to come:

I have lots of pictures from her party and from my mom and Tara's visit coming soon! Oh yeah did I mention Tara drove all the way out here from WY and surprised me Sunday morning? I opened the door and was so stunned to see her :) Thank you agian for coming it was so so wonderful to see you!

Hope you are all having a fantastic day!

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