Thursday, September 30, 2010

A Thursday.

Today was not super eventful. It was my day off and Taylor has been working all day (and will be til 10:30). Madelyn and I went to the pregnancy center and folded some newsletters, then we stayed at home the rest of the day.

After her nap we tried on her new shoes that just came in the mail:

Those ones were fine but she didn't really like the boots.

More like REALLY didn't like them.

Once I took them off her I found a big wad of cotton inside... hmmm that could have been the problem :) I didn't dare put them back on her though to see at that moment.  But when they are not on her feet she thinks they are the best!

We also did some body painting with flour and water. Dug for treasures in some goo. Made a big mess. Then played in the sink. And dumped a bunch of water on the floor.

Then I soaped her up so I didn't have to give her a bath after dinner too.

She knows how to fill up the cup...

Then rinse out the soap!

The past few nights she has just wanted me to hold her right before she goes to sleep and she lays her head down on my shoulder for a little bit while I sing her a song! Um, this is amazing for a child who NEVER wants to snuggle and NEVER lays her head on your shoulder. Never ever since she could hold her own head up. So I am loving this. Also, when I was kneeling beside her crib saying a prayer with her, I felt some breathing on my face and look up to find her stretching way far over the side of the crib, trying so hard to give me a kiss. Adorable :)

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