Monday, November 1, 2010

Princess Fairy and a Cowboy.

Madelyn and I went to our church Harvest Party and brought along some neighbors on Saturday during the day. Then we hung out with Taylor at his store while hundreds of kids flooded the mall with their costumes. Madelyn had such a good time watching everyone and she caught on pretty quick with the candy thing.  She kept walking up to the candy box, grabbing a piece, bringing it back to me, and then going to get more.  Here are a few pictures. Sorry these aren't the best quality, the lighting was pretty bad and there were lots of distracting things on the wall :)

My favorite! And if I had posted the next few pictures I took, you would see that she is so happy because she thought it would be funny to try and grab the camera from me.  

Carefully watching all the people in the strange costumes. With a piece of candy in her hand of course. Almond Joy's seemed to be her favorite of the night (though she didn't actually get to taste the deliciousness!) 

And trying to keep up with her daddy like she always does. 

Haha! Her skirt kept falling down below her little chubby tummy so doing this kept it up for a while.

And one of the whole crew. 

Don't mess with him!

I posted pictures of pumpkin carving on Facebook but here are two from that day:

And just to compare, here is the girl dressed up last year (also in the shoe store in CO!):

Oh she has gotten so big! I absolutely love the age she is at though right now. I know I keep saying this but she is just getting so silly and her personality is shining through so much now. This morning she was in her room doing her "independent playtime" with the gate up and she was just cracking herself up. So we peeked in to see what was so funny and she was standing with her back to us playing on her music table and just dancing and laughing her head off. I'm not sure where she learned some of her crazy moves, she must have a little bit of my sister in her :) Haha I love you Bekah! 

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