Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Christmas spirit.

Now that we have our tree and have put up Christmas decorations it is starting to feel like Christmas time. I cannot believe it is already less than three weeks away though. It has been so fun this year because Madelyn is old enough to get into it (at least more than last year). She LOVES her advent calendar and runs up to it at least 5 times a day wanting to open a little door.  She will stand by the christmas tree for a long time just looking at the lights and touching the ornaments. There are lots of other little christmas trinkets and books and music that she is excited about. Although she is too young to really understand what it is all about, it has been so fun to watch her enjoy the holiday and play with the things I grew up putting out at Christmas time. 
I have yet to take pictures of our decorations but here is a picture of the girl doing one of her favorite activities: making some cookies. When I ask her if she wants to bake something, she will immediately run to the kitchen and plop down on the floor so we can get started :)


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