Friday, February 4, 2011

Little miss.

About a week ago we were at the table and I was resting my chin on my fist while waiting for Madelyn to finish up her dinner.  She imitates everything I do so she too decided to put her fist up to her chin and smile sweetly. She now cups her face and tilts her head to the side and it is so adorable! I tried to take pictures of it this morning and when I asked her to do it, this is what I got:

Tilting her head the wrong way.

Saying "aw cute" while she is doing it. 

Two fists on her chin.

Perfect little model. 

"Ok how much longer do I have to do this mom?!"  :)

Oh my she is adorable! And she is just getting more sweet and charming every day... Taylor is already getting scared for her teen years :)

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