Sunday, May 1, 2011

Before it gets crazy for a while.

I took a few pictures to document some normal moments Madelyn and I share after her afternoon nap.  A lot of times we will play in her room a while and read books before she has a snack.  I love being able to have these special moments with her where I am completely focused on her and can watch her interact with her surroundings and also marvel at how much she has grown.
As many of you already know, we got the job down in salt lake!!! Meaning... I start training for it tomorrow and we will probably move down there next sunday! The next few weeks will be a little crazy until we get all moved in and settled into our new normal.  So for now I am just thinking about beginning to pack (we have a whole week after all and last time we did it in 2 days :)) and enjoying these quiet moments with miss Madelyn.

Warning: picture overload! I just couldn't cut it down anymore :)

Fresh from a nap... well after she chatted and laughed with herself for a good 15 minutes since she woke up early

Her new favorite activity... jumping on her bed! 

And ready to get out... luckily she can only do this when the crib rail is down. 

Just singing to herself and rocking. 

And doing a little dancing. 

Making sure I am still paying attention to her :) 

Stringing some breads on a straw: 

And looking out at the sunny (but super windy) outdoors: 

Reading a book with her favorite characters: elmo and ernie.

Curling her little toes while we read :) 

And now I am off to read more books on the couch! 

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