Saturday, May 21, 2011

Tee cuwp! Tee cuwp!

This is what she yells over and over again until I let her have a tea party :)

We are finally getting settled in and almost completely unpacked... It is wonderful! I know I haven't posted pictures in a while so here are a few from us playing in Madelyn's room. We put her in her big girl bed Tuesday night for the first time and she has slept in it perfectly since then. I think it helps that she is a little afraid to get down by herself :)

Here is a glimpse into our 2 hour tea party... yes she is obsessed!

She loves to pretend to eat and drink and come up with different things that we are in the dishes. Her favorites to pretend to eat are milk with cheese and apple juice with grapes :)  The other day she came into the office and I actually thought she was eating something from a container... just pretending!

And of course she makes sure to get every last crumb: 

Looking out at the rainy day...

Getting up on her bed:

And her getting tucked in for her first night in her bed! 

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