Friday, July 15, 2011

In just 365 days...


became this: 
A walking, talking, delightful little girl!
It is crazy to think how much you have changed in just one year...

 You are an easy going mama's girl who is obsessed with puppies, kittens, marbles, tea cups, and your 'pinky bear.'

You love to color and play in water and drink your "apee juice" and "lemomade." 

You love the idea of playing with friends and talking to family on the phone/skype but usually when the time presents itself you decide to say nothing.

Every meal you insist that 'pinky bear' join us at the table with a pretend cup of apple juice.

When I start singing along to the music in the car, a lot of the time you'll say "No music, Madelyn sing" and want me to turn down the music so you can fill the car with your lovely noise instead. 

You love to dump out all your little toys and arrange them just so all over your bedroom floor. You usually prefer doing this as a solo activity and if I try to join you will tell me "mommy be right back" (as in mommy please leave my room now).

You love to say "mommy kiss check" and then turn my face so you can give me a loud kiss... but then hesitate when Tayor asks for one because he only has a small patch on his check that is not covered in prickly hair :)

 But if daddy isn't there to tuck you in at night you ask me over and over again "daddy love you too?" (to the point of tears if I don't respond quickly enough) until I tell you yes he loves you very much just like your mommy does.   

Oh Madelyn you are absolutely precious! We are so blessed to be your parents and be able to watch you grow and change. Happy 2nd birthday Buh-doo, we love you forever!  


  1. Jessica ScaffidiJuly 15, 2011 at 4:25 PM

    Awww Hannah that was adorable! Happy Birthday to your little girl!

  2. Sooo cute. I love everything you wrote! What a good way to remember all the little things.