Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

We celebrated Thanksgiving a little early this year while family was visiting. So today Taylor and his brother are snowboarding and Madelyn and are having some girl time at the house. We are doing some fun crafts and baking together today!
A lot of things have changed since last year and I am so gratfeul for where we are at in life right now. The direction of our lives changed drastically when Taylor decided to start the 11 year journey of becoming a podiatrist this past fall. The reality of day to day life with Taylor being a full time student and also working full time is starting to sink in. He has even less time at home than when he managed the shoe store but because he is pursuing his passion and going in a purposeful direction it is easier most days. Today I thankful for my amazingly selfless and loving husband and precious little girl I get to live life with every single day. We have wonderful family that is supportive and caring and we are lucky to have good friends (both near and far!).  We are all healthy and very blessed!

And now some more pictures from last weekend: 

I hope you all have a happy thanksgiving as well!

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