Thursday, January 26, 2012

Watching her team.

We have every University of Utah gymnastics meet on our calendar this season and plan to go to every home meet. We have been to two and Madelyn is loving it! She gets dressed up in the school colors (red and black) and insists on a red ribbon in her hair. I'm planning on buying/making her a special gymnastics shirt for the next time we go. She has these little cards (like baseball cards) with each gymnast on it and ever since she got them she has been obsessed with them! The other day right before the meet she kept asking over and over again what each girl's name was. And then at the meet she had to know who it was that was doing their routine at that moment. I love that she gets so excited about it! We plan to keep taking her every year we are still in Utah. The idea (my idea) is to have her grow up loving gymnastics that way it when it comes time for her to choose which sport she wants to do (if any) the obvious choice will be gymnastics :) Taylor thinks she needs exposure to other sports too but I don't think that is really necessary...

If it's not totally obvious I love gymnastics. All of my siblings and I did it for many many years growing up so I think it would be so neat for Madelyn to get into it too. I of course am not going to push her into doing it... but I think going to lots of meets, starting a mommy and me class at the local gym, and of course me teaching her tricks early on might help make that choice a little easier for her. We will see :) 

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