Monday, May 14, 2012

Weeks 18 and 20.

Ok so here are a few pictures of my bump. It seems like being pregnant this time is so much more exciting, probably because it was a little more planned than the first time :)  I love watching my belly grow and over the past few weeks I have LOVED feeling her kick around inside of me with more strength (Taylor and M felt her kick too for the first time at 18 weeks). And that's right we are having another girl! We are so excited for Madelyn to have a sister! After we found out and we were leaving the ultrasound I told Madelyn "sorry but you are probably always going to have to share a room and if you're really lucky your little sister will be super messy just to make you mad." Story of my childhood :). Haha, but seriously we couldn't be happier. Taylor is thinking maybe he will be the dad with just a bunch of girls.... we will see. But he is the perfect guy for the job if that does happen. He is so sweet and gentle with Madelyn and he should have his pigtail skills perfected by the time girl #2 has enough hair.
Oh and we are half way there now (as I am 20 weeks today in fact)! Another 20 weeks seems like so long to wait, yet also not that much time at all. I have so many things I want to get done/established before she arrives to make having 2 kids go more smoothy. My goal this week is to at least plan out when I am going to work on all those things over the coming weeks so they get done in time. Alright so anyways, here is what you came to see:  

18 weeks
(yep I did clean my mirror before taking these pictures, it has years of hair product built up on it from my sister and I...)

 She thinks she has a baby in her tummy too :)

My attempts at a cute picture of us together. She was purposley being a stinker. 

One good one!

Right after we found out the it is a she:

And mother's day 2012, one day shy of 20 weeks!

Oh and best mother's day gift ever... an appointment for a prenatal massage! My lower back will be very happy :)

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  1. Oh my gosh you are the cutest pregnant lady in the world!! You are so beautiful, can't wait to meet your sweet little girl. love you!