Monday, July 2, 2012

Finally a little update!

Gosh, ok so it has been almost two months since I last blogged... yikes. Sorry! But the good new is I have so much to post. June was a crazy busy month and just flew by. Over the past few weeks we moved apartments, painted a bunch of things in our new house, took a little camping trip to Yellowstone and shot a few photo sessions. Add that in with both our jobs, summer classes for Taylor, entertaining an almost three year old (in two weeks, how did that happen???!!!), growing a baby, church stuff, going to sporting events, hanging out with friends, a few bbq's, a trip or two to the waterpark and of course the day to day house stuff and I would say we have had a full summer so far.
Tonight I will leave you with a 26 week baby bump (even though I am 27 weeks as of today!) and a few pictures of the girl of course. Looking back at the last time I posted a baby bump picture, it seems I have grown quite a bit. I am still loving being pregnant and having a baby bump but not so much loving the awful (constant) back pain that just keeps getting worse :( Other than that I feel great though! The past two weeks she has started moving so much more consistently and has definte awake/sleep times throughout the day. Her kicks are strong enough to be seen from the outside and it entertains us to watch the bumps (from her legs, elbows, ect.) move all around my belly.

Ok and here are a few from about two weeks ago. We went downtown and got icecream and checked out a photo spot that I ended up doing some senior pictures at. I asked Taylor to stand in a few places to check out the background, lighting, ect. and Madelyn was copying everything he did. Note the foot up on the wall in this first one just like Taylor:  

She is in such a silly stage right now and feels she always has to "model" for me when I get out my camera (that or run the other way!). It makes it hard to get normal looking pictures. But her facial expressions crack me up.  

The other day I was doing something in our bedroom towards the back of the house and Madelyn yelled to me that she was getting dressed. I came out to the living room to find she had taken off all her clothes except her panties and was dancing around with my bra on and some of Taylor's socks from the clean laundry pile. She thought it was hilarious and was quite proud of herself. I snapped a picture but thought it might not be appropriate to share since this blog isn't private. Crazy girl makes us laugh everyday.


  1. Oh my gosh she is so cute! I love her:) Such a sweet bump too, what a beautiful pregnant lady you are Hannah! Can't wait to see you soon!!

  2. AWW I love the bump! Madelyn is getting so big, I can't believe she will be three in 11 days! Miss you all and can't wait to see you!