Friday, September 28, 2012

39weeks + 4days

I am ready. We are just waiting. I have been so sure labor was just around the corner, and then it doesn't happen. Super disappointing. I don't remeber feeling quite like this with Madelyn but maybe I did. I am so anxious to hold her in my arms and feel her moving around on the outside.

On another note, the nursery is absolutely not ready! But why worry about that until you hit 39 weeks. Otherwise you will just be sitting around making your self more anxious with nothing to do :) This is what it looks like at the moment:

The crib is sanded and ready for paint. The accent wall is awaiting it's yellow chevrons. Once these things are done it will be a breeze to put together. But she will be sleeping in a craddle in our room for the first few weeks {at night anyways} so I am not too worried about it anymore. Her little clothes and blankets are washed, folded, and nicely organized in the closet. And her adorable cloth diapers are sitting, ready to cover her tiny bum. We are so ready to meet her. I am sure it is closer than I think. I will keep you updated...   

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