Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Madelyn is four!

Wow how has it been almost two months since I last posted?! I thought you might like to see how the girls are getting along so I am posting before we fly out to CO (in a few hours!). Madelyn turned 4 a few days ago! She is such a sweet little girl. She is getting too smart for her own good and says the funniest things. She uses bigger words out of context all the time because she doesn't really know what they mean but she has heard us say them. She is such a good big sister and is so good at entertaining Addy. She is super observant and loves to ask a ton of questions. I love that many times a day she will say "hey, momma? I love you!" She is getting so independent and is very opinionated about what clothes she will wear. For the past few months she has insisted on wearing only dresses with a "toofy" skirt underneath. It is very rare that you will see her in shorts. And after getting dressed she completes the outfit with her headband of choice (lately that has been fuzzy bunny ears) and dress up princess shoes. But she is not completely girly, in fact for her birthday dinner she requested hotdogs, soda, pickles, and Cheetos... yum. But I indulged her and served just that. We ate it on her purple picnic table that Taylor made her for her birthday. Here are a few pictures from her party, I will try to post more when we get back from our trip!

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  1. Happy belated birthday, Madelyn! You are one sweet little girl. We love you!!
    -Beth and Lucas (and Matt)