Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Just Addy.

Here are a few I captured of Adders this past weekend. These are probably some of my favorite pictures I have ever taken of her... I just love her sweet face!

This little girl is strong willed and very persistent. She is also constantly shrieking... like way too high ear piercing shrieks just because. She does it when she is happy or mad. She LOVES being outside and gets so excited when I go to the backdoor (even if it is just to lock it for the night) and starts moving excitedly and shrieking... She points at everything now and "asks" what it is by saying "eh, eh?" over and over again. She is especially fascinated by trees blowing in the wind and of course her sister. She is not walking on her own yet but can cruise around really fast holding onto furniture and such. She recently started testing out standing by herself but lasts only a second or two before she squats down. I love spending my days with her and seeing her learn new things is so fun. Speaking of which, she just woke up for the day so I am off... hope you have a great day too!

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