Friday, August 9, 2013

Quick she is napping, you can play with it!

This was at the beginning of July when Addy was first starting to pull up to standing. It definitely has made things more interesting for Madelyn since Addy can reach a lot more of the toys she is playing with now. This was during Madelyn's naptime though so Addy was free to taste a few things without someone getting upset :)

Poor baby has such a big cloth diaper booty and her shirt makes her look way bigger than she is :)
And don't worry, I stopped her from putting the toy in her mouth right after I snapped the picture. It's pretty funny because if I ask her what she has in her mouth she will stick her tongue out and immediately spit whatever was in her mouth out... hopefully it will always be that way or better yet she will just stop putting things in her mouth :)

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