Saturday, August 14, 2010

Any guesses...

As to what this might be?

Yep the girl can now wear pig tails!

She was happy (well sort of... she at least was easily distracted by a toy) the first few times I did her hair. However now she will not let me even brush her hair. Instead she thinks it is funny to shake her head back and forth so I can barely touch it. And I was so excited that it is long enough to do things with it... 

So i was taking pictures of her playing in the dirt she went over to the steps and just climbed up them like it was no big deal! Yep this is her second time ever climbing steps and here it is on camera:

She wanted to make sure I was watching this time.

And since that concrete one was so easy she decided to go on ahead and climb up the metal ones with pokey things. I took her off so she wouldn't get scraped up but nope she wanted to climb THOSE steps (and she quickly climbed up two staircases all byherself). Her poor little legs were all scratched up when we went inside :( But she was so proud of herself!

And here is my sweaty, dirty, and very proud little baby :)
All the little things she learns daily just amazes me. Yesterday she took her first step while we were at the library! She also has been practicing her drawing skills using sidewalk chalk and one of those magnadoodle things... and she is slowly but surely learning how to make little scribbles :) This morning we were playing ball and she crawled over to it, looks at me and said "ba". Oh little girl you are the sweetest!

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