Monday, August 30, 2010

I heart faces. Photojournalism.

This weeks theme at "I heart faces" is photojournalism. Although we were allowed to actually submit up to five photos in a collage, I decided to post this one of our trip to Mississippi this past May. It was Taylor's and Madelyn's first time at my grandparents house. I was so excited that we all got to go since I have such wonderful memories there. Growing up my siblings and I always got to spend a week or two visiting with just my mamaw and papaw each summer.  They live out in the country and my papaw walks on his path in the woods twice a day every day.  One day I lagged behind a little bit on the evening walk and captured this sweet moment between my husband, daughter and grandfather. 

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  1. Such a lovely photo. Love the dog!

  2. I love this photo! Great shot.

  3. thats just perfect <3
    you definitely captured a moment that tells a story


  4. What a wonderful, lovely picture (and moment!)!