Monday, August 30, 2010

That pink little bear.

I am not sure what we would do if for some awful reason we ever lost her beloved "pinky bear." 

She will NOT go to sleep without it (yep she tried once and hopefully that will be the last time I forget it!). If you mention it she will start looking all around for it and will not rest until she has it.  And once she finds it she quickly crawls over and puts her face down into it and snuggles it. When she was younger I think she liked the texture so she would always have it up to her mouth to lick it.  Now she automatically does this tongue sucking thing when she first has it and always when she is going to sleep (and sometimes while she is asleep she still maintains this funny face... I will post a picture of it).  When we go into to get her in the mornings she always hands us "pinky bear" first so it doesn't get left in the crib. She is constantly putting it up to our face so we can kiss it and snuggle it too (I think she believes we love that bear as much as she does... so sweet).  And on the occasion that it gets dropped out of the crib when she is supposed to be going to sleep, she will stand up and look down at it and say "uh-oh" over and over AND OVER until I go in and get it for her.  This blanket gives her such comfort and it is so sweet to see how much she cares for it.  I just hope this little bear never ever runs away from home!

The other animal that lives in her crib is a dog named "Belle." She hands it to me to wind up every night before bed and "You are my sunshine" plays. My dad gave me this when I was born and I remember winding it up over and over again at night to fall asleep. I love that I can pass this special toy onto her!

Yep, this face. Ha ha! And I didn't take a picture with Belle in it but you can
kind of see her in this picture on the right side behind the girl.

These pictures were taking when she was getting her first tooth in and would barely sleep for her naps though she was so tired. So I brought in my camera and even though she wasn't sleeping she "rested" in her crib (well kind of but the light is so great in her room in the afternoons that I coudn't resisit!).

And I am very proud to say that I have put pictures of my own child into that frame above her crib. It only took me a year to do it.  Before that it held whatever came in the frame when I bought it, which happened to be pictures of a little asian boy so I coudn't pass it off as her, even from a distance :)

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