Saturday, August 28, 2010

Putt putt.

For some reason instead of posting what is currently happening I have been putting up stuff that is a few weeks old. But, I think I am all caught up and after this post I will try to a) post more frequently than once a week and b) be posting stuff that is less than a week old. I just had to share this picture though of the girl and Patrick! Plus there are a few more of the girl. Ha I really need a new subject to take pictures of (or get more creative!)... it's not that I am getting tired of taking pictures of her, i just bet she is :)

And of course there are a little bit of waiting while the girl threw then chased her ball down to each hole. And yep this is how she crawls now... no more of that knee stuff.

And of course some water to cool off. Her face was so red by the time we were done. She played hard!

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