Sunday, August 22, 2010

Slack line.

One afternoon while Patrick was here I drug Taylor away from work to enjoy the outdoors! We have an awesome park nearby that has LOTS of shade, a big playground, a river and pond with LOTS of birds, a cool nature trail, and a library right beside it. It is our favorite park that we have found out here. So, that is where we went. We set up a slack line between two trees, played frisbee and maybe showed off our awesome gymnastics skills on the grass! Afterwards we got some yummy hamburgers... oh yeah then Taylor dashed back to work as quick as he could get away from us :)

Well only because the new assistant manager didn't know how to close the store (but now he does!!!!). And I cannot wait until "back to school" season is over. Taylor has been working 13 hours a day EVERY DAY (well only 7 hours on Sundays) for the past 6 WEEKS! It is insane to say the least. But I love him for his dedication and really appreciate all the hardwork he has put in. And Madelyn and I both are so excited to see a little more of him around... at least until Christmas season hits. Ahhhh the joys of retail :)

Oh yeah here are some pictures from the park. Sorry this wasn't supposed to be such a long post when I started typing :)

Mmmm LOVE him!

I love Patrick's face in this one. He is trying hard to get the snack in her mouth while she is on the move :)

Love this one too!

While walking on the slack line there was a little of this:

And a whole lotta this:

This is a definite print! One of my favorites ever!

And we tried to take a picture of the three of us but this was the best we got...

Because well most of them turned out like this. Patrick making a funny face and Madelyn looking at him like he is crazy :)

Hope you are having a fantastic day! Thanks for stopping by!

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