Thursday, September 2, 2010

Just a day in the life.

Just a few pictures of Madelyn playing outside last Sunday and taking a bath that night. She loves this little truck and pushes it around making "vroom" noises after she watched me doing it once. Everytime it tips over (which is quite often the way she pushes it) she will look at me and say "uh-oh" and then put it upright and keep on pushing.  Madelyn is just learning how to take steps on her own though most of the time she still prefers to crawl. She walks easily with us holding her hands and can take about four steps on her own before falling on her face. She only likes to stand up and walk when we are close so she can take a few steps and then just fall into us. But she is getting better everyday!
Today Taylor and I were cleaning up the kitchen after dinner (Taylor has taken TWO days off this week btw, kinda strange!) when Madelyn started crawling back and forth between us and hugging our legs. So we stopped and sat down on either side of the kitchen to play with her. For about 10 minutes straight she would lay her head down on one of our laps for a few seconds, giggle, then turn around and do it to the other person. She also does this fake laugh now (which sounds so forced) but she starts laughing at the most random times and only stops after one of us laughs with her!

Ok enough talking. I never mean to type so much, sorry! I am so bad about writing in my journal, so this is mostly for me since I want to remember every little thing about her. Ah she changes so fast! Ok here are some pictures:

Notice her tongue :)

Practicing her balance!

Pause to suck the dirt off her fingers.

Yay, amazing balancing skills. You will make a fine gymnast one day :)

She LOVES to pour water out of this thing. Most of the time she holds it above herself and looks up at it. Which usually ends with a nice surprise of water in her face.

Surprise! Yep Madelyn that water will get you everytime you do that. This is about the sixth time she did it and yet she was still surprised by what happened :)

Have a fantastic day!

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  1. omg you have a little model baby!!! love the one in black and white of her crawling!