Saturday, October 16, 2010

15 months.

Yesterday the girl turned 15 months.  Every  month she learns new things and just keeps getting sweeter and sweeter. One month ago she could pull herself up but barely take a step. Now she is going like crazy and entertains herself by simply wandering around and walking back and forth. She is also starting to assert more of her own independence. For instance when I ask her to come she likes to smile at me and then turn and run the other way... and so it begins :) 
She is incredibly charming and always has a huge smile on her face. The scary thing is, she already has figured out how to use her charm to her advantage. Last night at Taylor's softball game she kept going up to this lady (who I knew of course), flashing her dimples, and pointing to the ladys' nachos. She was munching on something the entire game!
Now that she has walking down pretty well she has started using more words. She can say "bye" though it sounds like she is saying it with a southern accent. She says "dow" for dog. Thank you she has only said a few times but it sounds like "dank-doo." She can also say some version of "duck", "hi", and "meow".  She loves to copy little noises we make for the toys such as an ambulance siren or a simple little tune from a song.
She loves to stand up and spin around in circles looking up at the ceiling til she falls over. She also does some funny tricks such as when we ask her to "think" and she does this (along with "hmmm"):

When I ask her how old she is she will put up both hands above her head with just her index fingers sticking up. I couldn't find a picture of that but here is a hilarious picture of her reluctantly trying to satisfy my request while trying to eat her snack in peace:

And just a few of her playing on a toy computer she loves. She was so into it:

But she could pause just for a second to give you a grin:

And she's off.

Have a fantastic weekend!


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