Tuesday, December 21, 2010

He played it so smoothly.

We ate dinner early because he was scheduled to go into work at 5.  We rushed out the door so he wouldn't be late (like usual), yet he lagged behind inside for a little "to make sure he didn't forget anything". And when I told Madelyn she couldn't get down to walk to the car because she didn't have shoes on, he ran back up because he needed to get papers for work. He came back out and said he needed to drive because we only had two minutes to get to the mall (and I don't like to speed).  And when we got stuck in the all the traffic he veered off onto the interstate to go one exit down because he said it would be quicker. And then he conveniently missed his exit... and we drove down to Salt Lake to see the lights in Temple Square!

And afterwards we warmed ourselves up at a cafe with some hot chocolate! It was a wonderul surprise, and turned out to be much more fun than hanging out at home while the baby slept and Taylor worked. Did I mention my husband is amazing?! 

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  1. how sweet =)

    love the one with her and the water!!

    and...all of them lol. you're pictures are always so adorable/amazing.