Saturday, January 8, 2011

And I am back!

Sorry for the two weeks of nothingness. Most of that time Madelyn and I were busy relaxing on the beach... so it was time well spent!  We had a little bit of cool weather at first but I am not complaining since I missed out on the 20 degree and below weather back home.  We had a wonderful time with family and Madelyn got to meet her great-grandma, great-aunt, and second cousins (i think that's what they are called  anyways). She was very shy at first but luckily she warmed up after a few days.  Anyways, it was a nice vacation but it is nice to be back home again too :)

I took many pictures, so here is part 1 of the trip:

About to walk down the path to the ocean for the first time.

Finding shells with grandpa.  

Love this girl! 

Letting Bekah smell her flower she picked.  

Watching her first sunset on the beach! 

Stomping on sand castles the next day.  

The boys playing frisbee.  

And Patrick being a fantastic uncle, taking many trips down to the water so the girl could keep filling up her
moat around her sand castle.

A few more to come later!

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