Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Christmas Day Hike.

I realized I have yet to post pictures from our Christmas.  I only took one picture on Christmas morning before my camera battery died, so we just filmed it instead.  But later that afternoon we went on a great hike up the canyon by our house. Here are a few pictures from that:

I will share more pictures from our FL vacation as soon as I get them from my dad (I didn't have enough card space to hold them all so they are on his computer).  My dad got in a horrible car wreck on the way home from work last night and is still in the hospital.  He was unconscious for a while and stuck in the car for 2 hours before they were able to cut the roof off and get him out. Amazingly he didn't have any broken bones or internal bleeding. Praise God, it truly is a miracle he is still alive!

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