Thursday, February 24, 2011

Snow play the easy way.

The girl loves the snow.  So to make it a whole lot easier to play in, I brought it inside for her. As long as you don't mind a little water on your floor, this is totally the way to go!

I'm pretty sure she is yelling "cold" here... but she wouldn't leave her mittens on. 

She stuck her hand back like this most of the time :) 

We will definitely be doing this agian next time it snows. But if it just doesn't snow the rest of the year and becomes summer now that would be ok with me too.  It is becoming more difficult to come up with new, fun activities that can be done inside!  The girl doesn't seem to mind though, she is obsesed with dancing and every chance she gets she will run over to turn the stereo on.  The dancing is totally fine.  But the problem is, she is stuck on one silly songs tape. Since she listens to it all the way through at least twice a day, she seems to have all the songs memorized and knows if I try to sneak a different tape in there. Ah she is too smart already! Last night after we put Madelyn to bed, Taylor and I both caught ourselves humming to "little bunny foo foo"... so we quickly turned on the raido to a non-kid station, haha!  

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