Wednesday, March 2, 2011

How I stay sane in the everyday.

Anyone who has ever had a kid knows how difficult it is to get things done when he/she is whinning at your feet and clinging to your legs. When the girl was about 12 months I was already so over this. Thus, room time was created... A great little thing where the mama can get ready for the day in the morning and make dinner in the evening, while the child is happily playing by herself.  Ahhh yes it is possible, and it is wonderful!

I will not tell you she has always played so nicely by herself. Oh no, in fact it was quite the process getting her to this point. She was the kind of baby that didn't want me out of her sight and would scream if I left the room for even just a second.  We used a timer right outside the gate and started her at just 5 minutes. She would stay right by the gate and cry the entire time. Then she slowly started playing with toys right by the gate. And then she moved a little further away. Now she can play everywhere in her room for a good 30 minutes, twice a day! I love to peek in and see her playing. It is also very entertaining to listen to her "read" books and sing songs to herself.  I think it has been really good for her as well because she has learned to entertain herself and to focus and concentrate on the toys she is playing with. 

The first week was not the easiest but it has sure paid off!

Room time has definitely helped our days run more smoothly and given the both of us a needed break. Alright, I am done, now go put your kids in their rooms, haha!


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  1. I think this is the greatest idea ever!!!! I wish I would have started this with Kael, he really needs it! You are such a smart mommy :)