Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Some talking.

The girl has become quite the little talker. Morning time is typically when she is fired up and she will just chatter away through breakfast.  Her favorite subject... puppies. That is the first thing she says almost every time we go in to get her when she wakes up. She has also started pointing TO EVERY LITTLE THING and saying "nah" as in 'what's that?.' The problem is she points to the same thing over and over and over and excpects an answer every single time :)

I finally discovered that when we are reading and she points to an animal, she wants to know the name of it AND also the noise it makes... otherwise she will keep pointing and asking until she has both pieces of info! Funny, yet it becomes kind of exhausting :)  Also, her new favorite activity: singing songs that have hand motions that go along.  I try to teach her a new one every other day or so and she always wants to do it at least a dozen times. But I am so grateful I can stay at home and watch her take in all these new things!

Anyways, I have tried to record her talking but it never seems to work very well... she is distracted by the camera or she just wants to hold it.  But here are two attempts at getting her on tape:

Oh and we got to go to a gymnastics meet down at the University of Utah a few weeks ago!!! It was incredible. It was against Florida State who (I am pretty sure) is ranked #1 in the country and Utah is ranked pretty high too. Amazing gymnastics! And it was pretty fun to be the one who knew all the answers to the questions about the sport instead of the other way around :)  This was the last home meet, but next year we will be going to many more! 

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