Thursday, March 17, 2011


A little of what we have been up to:


Making delicious things. 

And licking a few spoons. 

Along with a few more things I didn't take pictures of :)


  1. omg those little chucky legs are to die for! =D

    i truly always look forward to your posts, even when they're short and sweet -- keep it up! =)

  2. btw your house looks very clean! ;-)

  3. Haha thanks, I try to pick things up through out the day so its not so messy at night! And I know, I LOVE her little rolls. I took some nakey pics of her the other day... haha I can't get enough it :)

  4. yeah i try to too but it always seems to get just as messy ;-) dominic says i have 4 kids (kayden, him, and the pups) lol!

    i forget to check back on these cause it doesn't notify me but i finally remembered =)

    om nom nom those little rolls =D LOVE THEM!!