Thursday, April 14, 2011

And back to the real world!

Alright, so did you miss this sweet face?!

We had a wonderful trip, but we sure were anxious to get home that last day! 

So I had every intention of taking lots and lots of pictures... and didn't. We walked so much, I got tired of carrying around my heavy camera. But I still managed to snap a few, albeit not the most amazing pictures you will see of vegas (somehow I didn't take a picture of the strip all lit up or the bellagio fountains!). But anyways, here is a little glimpse into our vaca...

We saw lots of hotels/casinos... and lots of people thowing away their money even at 9 in the AM!

Lots of neat architecture everywhere: 

I got to look at this a lot! 

And another reason I didn't take lots of pictures... apparently some stores don't want you taking pictures of their merchandise... like this hat store: 

And we got to see some awesome friends from CO who happened to be there at the same time! Sorry Jess, for some reason I don't have a picture of your faces :) 

And I hung out some more with this dork... or do I mean stud? :) 

And one afternoon we just relaxed around our hotel. Here was my view up: 

Out front: 

Well, more like this with my incredibly tanned legs! 

And to the side: 

Ahhh,so nice! I did get in the pool for some reason. It lasted all of two minutes. Just long enough to say I was in a fancy pool with waterfalls that we swam under :) And I got a lovely sunburn with some funny white lines going up and around my neck. 

And the place I spent the longest time taking pictures... the Bellagio butterfly garden. 

I am obsessed with taking close ups of flowers now. 

I could have spent all day in there taking pictures. But eventually a certain someone gets hungry. So we enjoyed LOTS of yummy food.  My favorite restraunt was most definitely Serindipity 3.  Absolutely delish. I wish I had taken a picture of our food there. Instead here is some yummy gelato we enjoyed:
We also got to see Cirque du soleil and a magic show and did a little dancing, sleeping in, shopping, people watching, cheesecake eating, and sipping of a three foot tall slushy drink :) 

And now we are back to 13 hour work days and a super whinney child growing some more teeth. Next vacation, only 6 weeks away! But seriously, it is nice to be back :)


  1. Haha - No problem! We really enjoyed getting to see you guys! Already, our plans post graduation have changed from when we saw you (haha!)... Tom got an awesome job offer in Hawaii, and both him and I (no more Philippines) will be heading out there this summer.... So if your ever feeling like a vacation to HI - you have a place to stay!

    As always, beautiful pictures! I love the close ups of the flowers! And love how the gelato one turned out!

  2. Wow so cool!!! Congratulations on the job! We are most definitely going to be planning a trip to Hawaii now :) It is funny how your life can change directions so quickly huh?!
    And thanks so much for your nice comments!