Thursday, April 7, 2011

You are my sunshine.

Since it is yucky outside today with lots of rain/hail, these pictures are a nice reminder of what we will be getting more of (hopefully) soon!  Last Friday night, I gave Madelyn a bath and got her dressed in pj's and then we went outside to lay on the grass and read books. I cannot wait to do this every night this summer!

And my favorite! 

 So, my computer crashed a few days ago :( We knew it was coming so luckily I had a lot of things backed up and we just bought Taylor a laptop for school this fall.  But it is killing me to not have photoshop!  These pictures are all straight out of the camera, and even though they aren't horrible there are a few things I would tweak to make them better... so I guess this will force me to make sure I get the exposure correct in the camera. I still hope I can get my computer fixed/buy a new one very soon though!

My computer problems will have to wait until next week though because tomorrow morning we are leaving for Vegas! First trip without the baby... and we are so excited :) It will be so nice to sleep in and eat whenever/whatever we want and do what we want without worrying about naptime and bedtime and all that other stuff that comes along with a toddler. Don't get me wrong, I will probably miss her since she is ALWAYS with me... But ahhh, I can't wait! 

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