Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Maybe spring is here.

Today we had some really nice weather. So of course we played outside a little.  Here are just a few from this afternoon:

Practicing her new favorite skill: walking around the perimeter of the play area on a 6 inch wide beam. Hmmm, I think I most definitley see balance beams in her future... yay!

Her first experience with a ladybug. 

Enjoying the sunshine, finally! 

When it was time to go inside she carefully placed her stuffed animal and flower on the bottom step and headed up. I don't think she realized if she left them there she wouldn't have them when she got inside :)

Today we also went down to Salt Lake to check out a job we have been thinking about for when Taylor starts school this fall. It is a unique position in which we would be resident managers at a self storage facility along with three other couples. We liked the details of the job before we met with the other couples and after today we know it would be a perfect fit! We will hopefully do the interview by the end of next week and find out soon after that if we get it. Apparently there are three other good candidates though besides us, so it is hard not to be anxious. Worrying won't do any good though, God already knows what's going to happen :)   

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