Saturday, January 14, 2012

Christmas eve.

Yes I realize it was almost a month ago now. I have a lot of pictures from December so I will be posting a few each day now in hopes of catching up! Taylor had to work Christmas eve so Madelyn and I hung out at home and then went to a candlelight service at our church that night (Taylor got off early and came too!). For the last day the girl got a push-pop candy in her advent calendar. So here is just a glimpse into that:

I tried to make the lights into stars... I don't quite have the technique down but it was fun to try. And of course the picture is way better with something cute in the foreground.

This was actually the night before but she was so excited to open some Christmas cards from her grandpa I had to capture her funny faces.

And the night before Christmas, watching The Muppet Christmas Carol (a tradition from Taylor's fam) and eating yummy snack foods:

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