Thursday, November 29, 2012

Back to work.

So the last time I posted (november 1st) was my first day back to work. Fortunately I only work a few hours each day so most days it is not too bad. But along with trying to keep up with the house and taking care of the girls, I stay pretty busy. Luckily I have it so good with my job. If I must work, this is by far the best job I could ask for. This is what my view looks like from my chair:

And the beyond the second door there is our house...

And during slow times I get to snuggle with my girls!
Sometimes work is stressful because it doesn't always work perfectly with naptimes and feedings but for the most part it has been great with two kids! Not sure I could work with three though.... maybe we will move before then for school, we will see.
On another note I am thinking I am going to set up a new blog (with all the extra time I have of course :)). But apparently I am out of picture storage so to even post these pictures today I had to delete some old blog posts (ones where I photographed other families and posted their pictures). But  that is not going to work for very long because I want to keep all the pictures and posts I have done on my family. I will keep you updated on what I figure out. Have a great day!


  1. Love being able to see how you swing work and babies! So awesome that your house is right across the hall. Miss you and I wish I could cuddle Addyson!

  2. Tara told me your job was close to home, but I did not realize how close! Even though you don't work full time, you are still Super Mom to me! You and your girls are beautiful!

  3. Hannah,Looks like you and Taylor are doing a beautiful job with everything! I'm so glad I get to watch (through your blog) your family grow.
    Love ~Renee