Friday, January 18, 2013

Quick hi!

Just wanted to do a quick post to let you all know we are alive and well. These days, my spare time is much better spent playing and cuddling with  the girls instead of sitting at the computer :).  We got to spend about two (very relaxing) weeks in MS with my family over Christmas so those pictures will be posted next. In the meantime here is a (teeny tiny) glimpse into our January:

Mommy and Madelyn date to Cheesecake Factory. She dressed up as the pretty pink princess and I dressed the part of the mean black clothed queen... her words :)

Sweet sweet happy punkin. My mom got her to laugh while on our trip to MS a few weeks ago and I finally got her to laugh last week (she is super ticklish on her ribs and around her collarbone). Madelyn affectionately calls her "my little kitty cat girl"
We got a ton of snow a little over a week ago and ever since the temps have remained a little too close to 0... brrr. But we did take advantage of playing in the snow when it wasn't in the single digits. Since Madelyn loves to eat it, we made snow ice cream for the first time too and it was delish!
 And one last one of the babe because she is so cute. She has gotten so strong over the past month... mostly her legs and neck muscles. She also  loves to purse her lips like this or suck on her tongue:

Also while waiting for my next post, you should definitely check out this blog that I started with my two good friends, Leah and Tara!

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