Saturday, September 11, 2010

The beach.

Well as close as we got this summer to a real beach anyways! Some sand next to a lake counts right? I have heard many people talk about this place and since it is only about 45 minutes from our house, we packed up a lunch and headed out to have a picnic in the sand. The girl was much more interested in playing than eating though. She loved the sand! She got sand all over herself. In places I didn't know sand could stick... like in her wrist creases and neck rolls :)
So we ate a little, built some sand castles, stuck our toes in the freezing cold water, took a few pictures, and took a nice nap when we got home... Ahhh I love days off!

Hope you got out and enjoyed the sunshine this week! Out here in Utah our summer is quickly coming to an end... last night we had to pull out our winter jackets to watch Taylor play softball :(  But that does mean I can go buy Madelyn some cute winter stuff now... Knit hats with earflaps, tiny mittens, and fuzzy boots here I come!

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