Thursday, March 24, 2011

An evening stroll.

Here are a few more from Tara and Ryan's visit. After having a few days off Taylor is back to being at work all day.  So today I am doing a P90x workout with my neighbor and other than that reading tons of books to Madelyn and getting things done around the house. Even though I am not a fan of rain it is nice to have a day where I can just stay in my sweats and not worry about putting make up on :)

Aw, aren't they so cute?! 

And this is how they normally act :) 

Love this. Thanks Tara for these next two! 

And I don't normally post pics of just myself but I love this one!

Ow ow!!! 

And  we tried everyday to get a good one of Madelyn and Tara... Here Madelyn is whinning to be put down but it looks like a smile right?! 

And here's one so we can show off our long model legs :) 

And this is what happens when you let two girls bring their cameras on a walk to the mailbox.

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  1. Love both these posts! =) Look like you guys had so much fun! And you guys are such a ridiculously good looking bunch its just ridiculous! ;-) Your birthday present looks ammmazing! Excited for the pictures to come! =) Happy biiirthday!