Monday, March 28, 2011

I think I need to have a birthday more often...

Because look who else came to see me!

Crazy huh?! She finally came out here :) They were only here for less than 2 hours but I am so so happy we got to see them!!! They were on their way to Washington with all their stuff in a Uhaul and were going right through Ogden (which is just north of us). So it worked out to meet for dinner! Next time we will have to plan a longer visit but nonetheless it was a wonderful surprise.

And just because I have been meaning to post these pictures, here are two more that I love:

Well Taylor is at work, the girl is in bed, the house is clean, and it is not even 8:00. So I am going to enjoy an evening to myself... it will probably invole a little Ben and Jerry's, itunes, and photoshop. Oh yes, I know how to have a good time :)

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  1. omg these are so cute! i know i say the same thing all the time, i know. but its true!!

    gah!! look at her dimple!!! =D she is just too precious!!