Monday, September 19, 2011

Summer camping. {part 1}

Although we always intend on doing it a lot more, we end up camping just once a year. This time we went with some awesome friends and found a great campground. Most of my pictures are of the girls because they are just so easy to photograph and they were cracking us up with the dirt. They LOVED the dirt!

Case in point. Five minutes after we arrived: 

Oh so cute!

Munching on chips and probably a little dirt.

It got real quiet and we realized the girls were not close by. By the time we looked over this way they were almost out of sight behind the tree. This is them coming back from their exploring adventure.

These two are so funny to watch and listen to as they talk to each other in their own little language. 

Family picture (thanks Jill!):

I have a few more pictures I wanted to share so I will post the next two parts in the next few days! 


  1. that looks like a blast!! what a great, greeeeeeny spot!!

    still your stalker ;-) more more more =) <3